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Why is Huggies so quiet these days!!

What's happened? People hardly get any replies to anything anymore, I haven't been around in a while but it's changed so much!

I can't answer that...I don't come here much anymore, so I'm none the wiser!

I just thought it was funny that you mentioned no one replies to the posts, and this was one of the posts no one replied to! LOL

Thought I would change that smile

Edited my careless typo!
[Edited on 14/01/2010]

3 girls are enough...the shop is now shut!

He, he i read this and had to reply.... lol

I thought it was quite funny no one replied too LOL

I'll join in and reply too lol...I haven't been on here for about 10 months or so. I used to go on every day and reply to posts etc, but then life got too busy. I started using this site in 2006. I'm just too busy with my kids these days, plus i've found facebook lol lol...

3 gorgeous children to love forever

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