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Posted by: *alana*
Posted by: gkn
My mum was born in napier, we used to go down their to see my grandfather when I was little. I remember White Island too (I think that's what it's called) is that near napier?

white island is about a 2-3 hour drive north of napier.

i take my hat off to all you mummies that are studying. it must be so stressful juggling study and a family

We used to stay at a beach house there that was right by the water, you could see the volcano from the window. There was one other room (apart from the main bedroom) that had a double bed, the other had 2 single beds. Of course me and my brother were fighting over who got the double bed room.

Anyway mum flipped a coin and I won (that was her solution to almost every fight). After one or two nights my brother told me some story about the volcano. I can't remember it exactly, but it was along the lines of the smoke coming out means it's about the erupt at any moment, and because the room I was in was at the front I would be wiped out! I fell for it and ended up sleeping in the other room for the rest of the trip. Damn older brothers!
hi in jess in almost 25. married for almost 2 years to hubby who is 33. have 1 DS 2yrs and 1 DD who is almost a month old. i live in country NSW and am a stay at home mum for the moment but i normally work 2 jobs one in hospitality and 1 in finance

DS 11/01/08 DD 20/12/2009

nmjs - sorry for the late reply..I am in Dubbo..sometimes it feels like the middle of nowhere but it isnt so bad.
Hi, I'm Chantal. I'm 31 years old and have a 2.5 year old boy and a 3 mth old boy. I live in Perth.

I'm currently on maternity leave due back end of August.

I think it's amazing so many of you are studying while looking after little ones.
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nikky thats so funny about your brother. arent older siblings great (not) lol

im trying to convince DF to move to perth at the mo. i lived in WA for almost 3 years and miss it big time sad
You miss WA, Alana? LOL. No, WA is good. I like living here. Everything is so close by in Perth. You don't have to travel too far for anything no matter where you live. How is DF taking to the convincing?
i think i almost have him convinced but hes worried about the heat (he doesnt handle heat) and about me not having the support of our parents (i have PND)

i have an uncle and DF has an aunty that live in perth who i know i can go to if i need help plus most of my friends are there so thats helping me convince him lol unfortunately i cant do anything about the heat but im sure hell get used to it lol
Hi, well im Rebecca 22 from brisbane. DF is 24 DS is nearly 8 months old.

I work in in the finance/banking with trust accounts- preety self explainatory. At the moment im still on maternity leave for another 2 months.. not looking forward to heading back to work sad

great thread btw

Posted by: gkn
Posted by: (Ash)
I'm a stay at home mum too, but help my husband run our farm, so lots to keep me busy!

What kind of farm?

A broad acre cereal farm.

It's great to see people talking again! And i'm amazed to see just how many of you are doing full time study! Good on you!!

So, I have a question about formula. Claire is just over two weeks old now, and the back of the formula tin says she should be having 6 feeds of 120ml per day. The mid wife said this was way to much, and based on her weight she should get 6 feeds of 80ml. I've been giving her 80ml, but 85% of the time she wants more, and won't settle until I give her another 20ml or more. So my question is, for those of you who FF, did you offer your baby the 120ml like the can says, or something different? And is 120ml to much if the MW is saying only 80ml?? (Where is the damn manual?? LOL)
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i would offer her the 120ml (with a break and burp half way) and let her decide if she wants it all or not. whats written on the tin and what the midwife say are only guidelines so she may want more or less then what they say lol

how is everyones weekend been?

its been pretty crappy here - constant rain and its driving us insane lol DD has cabin fever so MIL has come to take for the night to give her a change of scenery lol
Thanks girls. Will offer her the 120ml from now on and let her drink what she wants to. She gets to upset if I haven't given her enough and have to go heat up more. Shes not very patient, but gets that from me.

I've had a great weekend. Had family over healping DH do some work, so it's been great fun!

Isn't the weather crazy?? Stinking hot this time last week, now cool and raining! I think mother nature is on speed!

The info on the tin is just a guide. I always fed my DD as much as she wanted and when she wanted. When they're that young I think it's best to demand feed not try and go by the book, or try and force a routine, every baby is different.

I wish it was raining here! It's going to be 41 today and tomorrow, so we are stuck inside too but for the opposite reason, lol.
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