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Hi i'm Kylie, 30 (ouch) married and I have a 2.5yr DD.
We're in Perth and atm I do party plan selling childrens books and games. Next yr when DD goes to school (ekk!) I hope to start studding nursing locally.

Bit late to the thread but I thought i'd come in and say hi anyway. I'm Tash, I live in the ACT and I have 2 girls, Sarah who is 3 in March and Sophie who is 6 weeks. I start fulltime uni studying commerce in 3 weeks and I am currently working doing accounts and bookkeeping for a small business. I have a big year ahead of me as DF and I are planning on moving to QLD and getting married later this year.
Hi everyone,

Im Ebony, 23y.o with a 3.5y.o boy and have just found out im preggers with no.2.
I moved from Adelaide to Ballarat about a couple of years ago and am only just beginning to really get used to it.

Hi everyone... I'm late to the thread too! I'm Elisha 24 and have ds 3 months so i'm new to being a mumma too! DP is 31 and works away two weeks on two weeks off so i call my self a part time single mumma! We live in adelaide atm my dp is originally from Ireland but moved to Fremantle wa nearly 20 yrs ago.

I'm on maternity leave at the moment but usually i am in Learning and Development for a fashion retail company. I also have a habit of putting ! marks at the end of every sentence!! (haha). Im thinking about doing some study by corrispondance while im on leave but not sure yet....


Hi! I will join in:) My name is Kirstin I am 26 and have been married for 1 year, my husband is also 26. We have a 7 week old named Rachel.

We live in Townsville. I finished uni in 2005 and my DH finishes at the end of this year.
Hi All... most people know me already - I am like a bad smell around the forum.

I am Ricki, married, SAHM in my mid 30's, We currently have 4 kids, 3 boys - Cameron 8yrs, Lachlan 6yrs, Alexander 5yrs, and our little princess, Gabriella 16.5months.
We are expecting our 5th child any tick of the clock - was hoping that bub would have been born by now, but I haven't had such luxury, officially due on Sat 23rd Jan.

We are in Central Victoria. Hubby has his own business, but is currently taking time off to look after me and the kids. He goes back to work mid Feb.

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hey Lil Miss Kita just wondering what program you used for your siggy its awesome

Hi I'm 22 been married 3 years and 2 months and have identical twin girls who are nearly 2 1/2 and a 3 week old DS. We live in WA.
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Hello everyone!
I'm Emma and I will be 25 this week, I am married and have 2 sons aged 3.5 and 8 months old. Oh and I am a SAHM

We live in sth east melbourne now but I have lived in many different places over the years! QLD, NSW, TAS, SA and a few different parts of VIC.

How are we all?

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