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How big was your child?
my DS is about 13.5kg and 98cm
Jed's last weigh in, was at 2year 6months, and he was 92cm tall and 13.38kg.
Thanks guys, DD is 11.2kg and 87.5cm. I know she is small just wanted to see how small...
It's a bit hard matching boys against girls though.

To me she is just little all over, which would make her just perfect. If she was 95cm tall and weighed 85kg, I may be a little worried.
Oh yes she's certainly in proportion just little smile
My DS is 2 yrs & 8 mths & he is 13.4kg and 93cm. He was just over 12 kgs for the longest time and I think he's recently had a growth spurt because he's suddenly gotten taller aswell.
DD is 2.5 and weighs 12kg exactly and is 88cm tall.

DD is 2yrs 9mth and is about 95cm and 16kg (give or take)
Issie is 2 and 5 months and she is 12 kg, not sure how tall 90 something i think
Tia is 4 in may nd is 15kg and just over 100cm i think
Noah is 9 months and he is just under 10kg (depends what time of day he is weighed lol) again not sure how long he is.

Hannah will be 3 in April and weighs 10 kgs.
Now that she is out of nappies her bottoms size is size 0 and she is in size 1 tops.
She is very little.
I was exactly the same when i was a toddler..

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

ds is 2.2 months and weighs 16 kilos. he is perfect for his height though. just a solid boy. i dont think there is a norm as long as they are in porportion to their size.
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