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At 2 years 10 months Lock Rss

ds is 3 in april and he is 16kgs not sure how tall but last time he was measured was when he was 2 and he was 96cms (and 12kgs). he has grown a lot since then.

I wouldnt be concerned Tash, S has always been petite.

Locky is 2 yrs 9 months and is 16.5 kilos and at last height check about 3 months ago was 104cms but is taller now.

Hannah is the opposite to him she was 8.3 kilos clothed 3 weeks ago and was 71cms so she is only little.


My DS is 22 months old 92cm long 15KG.

Takarli is 2 years and 3 months and is 10kgs and I think about 87cms tall.

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