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Question about Kindy?? Starting to worry Lock Rss

Well Ethan starts kindy in 2 weeks (YAY).
My question is for mums who have been through this.
Come 1pm Ethan is completely stuffed, he doesnt have a day sleep anymore but you can tell he is so so tired and when he is tired he cries and whinges and chunks some good paddys, and fights with his sister cause he is stuffed and had enough.
My question is do you think this will happen when he is in the class room. Or will he have too much to do and be ok then crash when he gets home??

Hope you guys can shed some light?

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

from what i know my kids go to daycare and my eldest is 3.5 and she is fine all day at care 630 to 530 but when she is home she is feral by about 330- 4 so i would imagine he will have lots to do and will crash at home
I think he will be fine. There is soooo much distraction provided at kindy (particularly if it is a shorter 9-3 kindy program you are sending him to)

Also the kindy program my kids went through they still have 'rest' time at 1pm. It was amazing the number of no 'day sleep' kids who would fall asleep at this time because they are so exhausted from their busy day!

What I think you should probably prepare yourself for is a cranky and tired child after you pick him up wink Kids tend to be on their best behaviour for teachers and their peers and then save their 'crankiness' for mum and dad in the late arvo wink

Good Luck!
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