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Whats YOUR ideal size........ Lock Rss

I am wondering as I constantly read the 'ideal' size for 'real' women is around the 14 mark.

for me I am a short ar se, so atm, I am a 12 but even that is a little big for me and ideally a 10 would be better sizing for me.

Though on the other hand mum is a little taller and currently around a 16 and for her a 14 is a great size IYKWIM? a 12 is too thin for her.

So what YOUR ideal size
I am currently a 14-16 (eeep!). Ideal for me (for my height) is a size 12...
I'm 5'8" and been a size 10, 12 & 14 - I think 12 is feasible and manageable for me but would love to be a size 10 again lol! Don't think I'll ever fit size 10 for my top half though as my boobies are too big hehehe

i know i have body issues. but this is just me, i am a 10, i weigh 50kilos.

i remember when i was younger i was down to 43kilos, i wasnt not happy with my body. so i do dream of being that small again. and yeah i could do it again, if i cut down my eating dramatically. and i wont do it, i try to be happy as i am.

even at that size though i was in size 10. so not sure how that works. just extra skinny for me with not much fat on me.

I'm a size 14 at the moment and i've only being on my diet for almost 2 weeks.
I would love to fit into a size 10 or 12 again. I use to be a size 8 but don't think i every go there again.

I loved it when I was a size 8... now I'm between a 10 and a 12. Ideally I'd like to be on the lower side of a size 10 but I'm ok with how I am. Not stressed about it at the moment.

I am 62kg and 165cm.

for me a small 10 would be great (at the mo im in 10/12)

if my hips and boobs were slightly smaller i could get to an 8 but after 3 kids that aint going to happen lol
Well, I'm a size 8 and hate it. I hate having the body of a 12-year old boy.

I would kill for some curves, so a size 12 would be ideal to me.

Oh well, I'm a prawn anyway (keep the body, throw away the head.....) lol

Right now I can wear size 16, but 18 in shirts covers my tummy better, lol. After kids I think my best aim is 16 fitting me well. I have broadish shoulders so a 16 fits better that way. even when I was about 18 - 20 years a 14 was better than a 12. Dd1 is the same, no fat on her but wearing size 5 at 3 1/2 years.
i was a 16 last sept i'm now a size 12 aiming to be a small size 12 tho
I'm about a size 8-10 but idealy I'd prefer to be a 6-8. I'm a shorty too so that size suits my height.

Ideal for me is about 10 to 12, which is what I want. I am currently an 8 to 10 and trying hard to put in weight.
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