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I'd LOVE to be a size 8 again but since having 2 kids im a 10
I'm a 12 in tops and a 14 in pants (I have really big legs) but would prefer to be a 10 in tops and 12 in bottoms. Before DD1 I was an 8-10 in tops and 10-12 in bottoms but I think that would be too thin for me now as my shape has changed.
Im a size 10 but Im short ass so should be an 8 I think

size 10.
I'm a size 12 and very rarely 14 in bottoms. I cant get any smaller due to my height and width lol! I'm 178cm tall and have broad shoulders. I was a size 10 in grade 12 but prob a little too slim at that size. So a small size 12 would be perfect! 6-8 kgs to go and i'd be very happy!

T xo

A 10 would be too thin for me. 12 is my ideal. I'm a 12 in tops and about 14 in pants but my levi's are 13! Hehe

I am a size 12, size 10 would be alot better i am a short ar$e too. Pre-kids i was on the smaller side of a 10 and loved it. Well i loved the way i looked but i had to be really strict with my eating to be that way. I only ever ate low fat foods and lots of fruit and veg, sounds really healthy but i don't think i could stick to it now. I still eat loads of fresh fruit, veg and low fat foods but i do indulge now where as i never use to.
Am a size 12 (170cm-70kgs) but am trying to loose 5-10kgs and then I'll be a 10, which i feel better at...

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

I used to be an 8 pre children, was 8-10 after the first and second but since then have had another 2 children and am now a 16-18. Ideally I want to be a comfortable 12 and I will get there eventually, I wouldnt want to get down to pre baby weight though...lucky cause my metabolism isnt what it used to be hehe.

Cheers Ness

I'm very short, but I'm stocky so I would never get to 8. Before I had kids I went from a size 22, to a large 10. I would like to get back to that 10-12 size. currently about a 14-16.

Im just a tad over 6 foot and my goal is to be a 14!!

I was a 10 when i met my DF.... poor fella! lol!!! people used to say i was too thin! LOL

I dont want to be super thin i just want to look good as i have hight i can pull off a curvier body!
now im a 14 sometimes a 12. Im 166cm.
I would prefer if i could fit back into a 12 all over, my aim is to lose 10kgs.

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