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I'm an 8 now, would prefer to be a 6 and would love it for my tummy to be completely flat again but Im to lazy and unmotivated sad
i would LOVE to be a size 14. that would be awesome to get back to my before kids size. trying hard this year. but im lazy and not really motivated cos ive got so far to go, but the goal is to lose 30kg this year.

I will never get to my ideal weight as I dont think I have ever been that or I would of been once but Im looking at 12 maybe 13 years old. For my height Im meant to weigh some stupid amounnt. I hoping like alot of others to loose around 30kg by June lost 10 so far. My Dr reckons that 4kg a month is achievable just have to focus on it. Some days are good and others go out the window.

My motivation is to post daily about doing my Wii Fit on Facebook and that keeps me going I was chatting to a friend she asked and I said i hadnt of done it today after she asked that was enough motivation to get me to do my 40min workout on the Wii.

Wishfullthinking, IKWYM about the ideal weight range, I will never get into mine, before kids I wasn;t and I can't imagine it now, though pre kids I think I had a nice figure, not skinny but bikini thin, I was a small 10 then. I was surprised when I read on the WW's webste what my helathy weight range should be..... not a chance!!! Would be stoked to lose 5 kgs
I used to love being a size 8, but now, being of my age it would look too thin on me... Size 10 would be perfect smile
Probably the size i am now. My ideal weight for my height is about 5kgs heavier but i am happy with what i weigh now. I've been a size 22 and have also been a size 8 so size 10 is healthy for me even though i would love to be skinny and toned lol
I'd love to be a size 10 again even though it has been about 10 years since I have been that size. I'm 166cm and weigh in at 67kgs now (down from nearly 72 mid December) and am hoping to get to at least 60kgs.
I have just upgraded into size 10 at the moment so looking to get back into my size 8 jeans after the baby is born.

Im a 12 on the bottom and a 14 on top, I will never get any smaller on the top half as i have decent size boobs, but i would love to get to a 10 on the bottom half.
My ideal size would be a size 10-12.
I haven't been a 12 for a loooong time, and i think a 10 would be pushing it a bit lol.
I'm currently anywhere (depending on clothes) from a 14-16-18.
I'm 171cms and would love to weigh 65kgs again, so I'm aiming to lose a LOT of weight this year smile

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

Mine is 11 bottom and 12 top. I used to do size 11 jeans before Miss E and now I'm in 12s but I have big boobs so prob couldn't go less than a 12 on top. I'm fairly happy with my SIZE I just really need a lot of toning!lol
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