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Fist grip and writing ... Rss

my DS1 is 3.5yrs - he is left-handed and is drawing and trying to write BUT he holds his pencil with a fist grip? I have tried to correct him so many times, but he constantly reverts back... He seems to have really good control over the pencil, but obviously he'll need to be taught correctly.

Has anyone else come across this before, is it common in children learning to write, and how do I help him other than "help" him?
that is normal. they will learn how to hold a pencil when they are older. not sure exactly maybe 5?

thats why for the younger years in school, you buy them the big triangle pencils, so they can learnt then how to hold pencils.

my sister is a prep teacher and has commented on DD's holding a pencil (she has a close to "normal" pencil grip). According to my sister most children entering prep have the fist grip as its the easiest way for them to hold/manipulate the pencils. The only thing we can think of with DD is that she sees DH and I hold pencils quite often so is trying to mimic us rather than holding a pencil in the way that is most comfortable for her. My sister has said that DD (if she keeps mimicing) may actually have MORE trouble with pencil grips at school than someone with a fist grip because she's got a grip that is close to "right" but it isn't "correct" so she's probably going to have more trouble breaking the habit of how she holds a pencil than the children who are coming in with a pencil grip.

What I'm trying to say is not to be too worried about it, it is something that is completely normal (and a lot of teachers prefer to teach students how to hold a pencil from a fist grip because there's less "bad habits" to break lol).

hey guys,
i work in childcare and this is so normal for kids. they start with that fist grip (technical term is palmer grasp, i guess cause they use their palm!) and then move through 2 more phases before hitting the final stage which you use for the rest of your life (the tripod grip). the best way for them to move through is at their own pace. its much harder for kids to go from the whole hand grip straight to holding a pencil "properly" than it is for them to work through the stages on their own.
they will learn, no doubt about it smile i would only worry about it if they start school and cant pick up on that final tripod grip using 3 fingers with the others tucked away, thats when you might need to help him out with the pencil grips another poster talked about!
hope that helps a bit!

my ds is nearly 3.5 and he too holds with a fist grip, we have just started to show him how to hold it, he will for a few mins but as soon as he puts it down and picks up another its back to the fist grip.

makes sense what the pp have said so i wouldnt worry too much

Thanks for the replies! Leisa and gonnabeamum thanks for the "hands on" (pardon the pun LOL) experience you've had. It makes me feel much better knowing that it's normal... I have tried so many times to show him, but I will leave him to it I think, and let him learn when he's ready.

Thanks again ¤
no problems at all smile
its probably a good idea to leave him to it, because it will be really drummed into him at school and by then he will be sick of hearing it! hahaha its natural for him anyway. glad we could help you out!

I have a child and this is normal for kids. They start with that fist grip and move. A common grip taught to children when developing handwriting skills is the tripod grip. Once I visited online assignment help Australia and got lots of knowledge for writing styles for kids. The tripod grip is an effective way to use hand muscles when writing. The child holds the pencil with their thumb and index finger, while the pencil rests on their middle finger. Some children learn the tripod grip naturally, while others need help from parents and teachers. It is recommended to teach the tripod grip when a child learns to write his or her own name, generally around age 5.
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