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A question for the "bigger ladies" Lock Rss

I am currently trying to think up ideas for something that I can do from home and have come up with a couple of ideas and would like to get some feedback on one of them.

My idea is to have an email newsletter that would be sent monthly (maybe more once off the ground) that lists all the sales and special deals for stores (mainly online)that specialise in plus size clothes, lingerie, shoes etc.

Is this something that you would be interested in receiving? I would in time like to expand the website (that the newsletter feeds off) to include more information on stores and where you can buy specific things like bras, pjs, maternity gear etc etc.

Love any feedback, I keep coming up with ideas but need to make sure they have legs before i jump in and go with something!

Also I wondering the best way to get the word out to that market that the newsletter would be available, if theres any forums, mags or special events that target this market I'd love to hear about them.

Thanks for any input.

My little girl is growing up!

That would be great I always have trouble finding cloths and other stuff

Thanks Mommyd.
Anyone else??

My little girl is growing up!

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