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Anyone drive a toyota Camry?? Lock Rss

We are looking at getting a newer car and also downgrading from a fuel guzzling old 4x4 to a more newer and fuel efficiant car.

We are really looking at the toyota camrys as they seem small but also big enough for a family of four...

Just want to know if anyone drives one what year it is and how you find it money/fuel wise.... any other info would be great!

We just sold our camry for a 4x4!! It was fine tho, never had a prob, it was a 1999 and we just wanted an upgrade and also the chance to go four wheel driving but yes it was very reliable.

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

I dont own one but Future FIL swears by them he use to work for Toyota and before he left he had to organise updating his wifes sister camry to a newer one for her before he left.

I know they are fuel efficient if you want more details I can ask him for you. If you get none.

Thanks... We have hired one beofor when on holiday and loved it but that was a couple of years ago...

I am going to miss the 4x4 alot! If i could justify the $100 a week on fuel and hundreds on new tyers and services id get another in an instant but just want to get a more cheaper car to run...

We are looking at a 03 to 07 model but just wanted to make sure others who drive them think they do good on fuel as thats our biggest issue!

I drive an 03 model a 4v. if fits out family of 4 very nicely. 2 adults and 2 in cars seat plus I can get another thin adult in as well. I get about 400km to a tank of city driving. it can be a bit gutless when towing or has a lot in the boot. but otherwise a good car.
I have a 96, and it's great. Fits the two kids really well, and last about 500k's on a tank of fuel (about $70)
We have a camry, we got a gas tank put in (with the gov rebates it's only cost us $300). Suprisingly we still have a lot of boot space. It's great because it only costs $25 - $30 to fill it.

It's reasonably cheap to repair too.
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We have had our Camry for 3 1/2 years now, it is 4 1/2 years old now (05 model). We have not had one single issue with it. Each service has just been the basic necessities. It still drives like a brand new car. We have 2 maxi rider AHR in the back, it is a tight squeeze for me to sit in between the seats... but I am fat... plenty of space for a child or a slim adult.

Plenty of boot space, even when the pram and strolli are in there. If I move the pram over to one side there is plenty of space for the bulky 3 wheel tricycle with parent handle (handle off of course). There is still place for other stuff.

I only do local driving, very short trip, depending on whether I use the a/c or not means between 400 to 500 km's per tank. From memory we got over 600 km's from one tank when we holidayed a few years ago.

Great car to drive, nice and quiet engine, smooth and easy to drive, my only real complaint is the ridiculous placement of the handbrake.... Hubby drives lots of new cars (mainly family size sedans and small 4x4's and he reckons our Camry is still the nicest out of them all).

In terms of maintenance and reliability, Toyota have a really good reputation. We now have 2 Camrys and a Corolla in the family and they all run perfectly and have cost little to nothing in maintenance.

You can't go wrong with a Toyota in my opinion. That is the strong opinion of a few of hubbys mates who are mechanics too. PM me if you want any more info.

Is OVER rude people

Have a look at the Lancers too. That's all I ever had up until I was preggers with no.4. Had 3 different models in 20 years. That's what my silver car was before the Territory. And DF's is a Lancer wagon. Plenty big enough for 2 kids. Crikey we had 2 big kids and a baby seat across the backseat of ours. And I can't wait to get rid of the Territory and get another Lancer when the big kids no longer need me to chauffer them!

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