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Husbands drinking???? Lock Rss

Does your DH drink and is so how much??
How much do you think is acceptable??

My DH drinks almost everynight, He doesnt drink to get drunk he just has a few quiet ones every night.
For some reason this bothers me and I think I need to back off a bit and stop letting it bother me..

Do you think 3 to 4 bourbons a night is ok and am i being too uptight??

I love my hubby so much but this seems to make me angry towards him and i cant let it go.
Please help

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

Ummmm tough one, my hubby is a beer drinker, he rarely drinks during the week but he doesn't really get time!! LOL Through the summer he may have two beers of an evening, but on weekends he will drink throughout the day whilst he doing jobs around home and in the evenings as we generally have friends over or go to friends houses so I generally buy 2 slabs of beer a F/N, someetimes he drinks them, sometimes there is some left over.

Does that help at all?? Probably not! LOL

Most hubbys I know will have a beer or two ehn they get home from owrk in the evening
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Nope doesnt drink at all
My DP will go out and have a couple every now and then with mates.. He never gets drunk though..

We both don't drink at home at all..

showing our age

So I'm not too sure what is ok to drink each day - I hope someone can help smile
My dh doesn't get home from work until 11pm. If he did get home at around dinner time i know he would definately have a few drinks. For some reason the thought of it kinda bothers me too.
Does your DH drink and is so how much?? Not any more
How much do you think is acceptable?? 1 or 2 but NO MORE and not every night

DH used to drink a min of 6 beers a night and go to have a pub lunch at work and rarely get back to the office, unless he was on a client site. He is now in recovery and has been sober for about 18-19 months. Bare in mind he hid a lot of his drinking from me and for our immediate group of friends what he appeared to be drinking wasn't abnormal.

3-4 of any drink every night is a bit much imo. A drink a night is fine, maybe 2-3 max if theres something on (visitors or going out).

Personally I buy a bottle of wine and will have a small glass each night for as long as it will last (but only a small glass so I can still drive if need be). I only do this once every couple of weeks though.

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

Hubby has a drink maybe twice a week and it only rum and coke. I think 3 or 4 too much at night.
have you talk to him about it.

Yep I make a passing comment everynight.
He knows I dont like it..

I honestly dont know why it bothers me so much. It would if he was rolling drunk everynight but he is not.

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

I personally would say that's too much. My DH doesn't drink during the week at all and only really has a few with mates on the weekend. We're only social drinkers though? But I think that anyone who HAS to have a drink (even 1) every night has a problem.
I'm out on a branch on my own here.

For me it isn't an issue. My husband will have 2 - 3 glasses to wind down some nights but he never makes them extremely strong. And he always does it after DD is in bed

When I wasn't pregnant or breastfeeding I used to have 1 - 2 a couple of days a week - again after DD is in bed.

We both grew up in families that are in the hospitality industry and entertained a lot though. From around 20 - 21 it wasn't unusual to have a glass or two of wine with dinner when were at the parents' houses.

For us its the norm so I wouldn't question him; Also if something is bothering me he'll tell me before he drinks.

If you have a problem you should tell him that it is bothering you, you are telling him to try and understand why its bothering you and why he does it. That may help.
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dp and i will have 1-2 drinks with dinner most nights, he was drinking 6-7 when we first met but has cut down heaps, maybe just talk to him and see what he says
For me 3-4 is too much every night. 1-2 is ok.
Its more of a problem if he HAS to have a drink every night, if thats the case then he may have a problem. You don't have to get drunk all the time to have a problem IMO
Just ask him to slow it down for you, if he doesn't have a problem then it will be no trouble.

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