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Is your Partner to you? I'm just curios. My mans 40 and i'm 23. He loves me and i adore him. Some people comment about the 17 years difference, but most have just accepted it and leave us be. I don't think age really matters. How much older are your partners to you?
It doesn't matter as long as you love each other, it's no one else's business anyway. DF is only 2 weeks older than me so no real age difference there, people make comments to me about how i'm taller though.
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DP is about 18 months older.

have dated guys a lot older and a few that were a little younger(but still over 18) i dont think age matters, but u have to be at the same stage in your life as your partener so if someone is 30 and your 19 and they are still going on like they're 20, i think u have to stop and ask yourself, how long will they be stuck in their 20's for. does that make sense?

i guess what im trying to say is as long as your mental/emotional ages are similar, it doesnt matter how many years there is between u

DF is 5 weeks 5 days older than me LOL....ex-DH is 5yrs older. I was in a serious relationship with a man 16yrs older before I met me age is just a number, it's got nothing to do with how 2 people feel about each other.

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DP is 6 years older than me. I really don't think age makes any difference. The happiest marriage I ever saw the older party (male) was 30 years the female's senior. And I can only aspire to have the same sort of relationship that they had. Sadly, as happens with an extreme age gap, she has survived him and still has many many years of life to enjoy, but without the love of her life.
I have a toy boy!! LOL

DH turned 29 in Sept last year. I turn 33 in April this year... so he is 2yrs 7mths YOUNGER than me!


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DH is 2yrs older than me.
He is turning 30 this year and mentioned I might have to trade him in if I don't like older models.

DF is 13yrs older.. Well 12yrs 11 months lol.. I'm 22 and he's 35.

DH 4 years older.

Im 33 DP is 42.
DH is 10 months younger than me..... but I still cop the "Cradle Snatcher" comments just the same! Ha ha!

I am 10 months older than hubby.

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