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What age did your baby walk?? Lock Rss

I know every baby is different etc

DD is 13 months & shows no interest in trying to walk yet sad
i have a friend who's dd didn't crawl till 12 months & she just started walking the other day & she is 16 months. nothing wrong with her just different to others.

Lexi crawled at 9 months, started furniture walking one week later, but didn't actually walk til 13 months (2 weeks before Tabitha was born). I know bubs who have walked at 10 months, and some who have only just started at 21 months. I think they say that as long as they are walking by 24 months it isn't anything to worry about.

14 months
DD1 at 11 months. DD2 at 14 months. We also have a boy at daycare who is 18 months and just pulling himself to stand.
my dd started walking holding onto things at 10 months & started taking steps (& holding onto nothing) at 11 months & walked & never crawled again at 14 months. my niece was walking at 11 months. Every baby is different. My friends doc told her that if sher dd wasn't walking by march then she should go back & see him, but he wasn't 2 fased by it at all.
DS1 was walking proficiently at 10-10.5 months (first unaided steps were a month or so beforehand) but, it is actually supposed to be a good thing if children walk later on. Crawling is said to assist in the development of early problem-solving, mathematics, and spacial awareness skills smile

ETA: My brother didn't walk until a week before his 2nd birthday. He had the necessary balance etc. well before that; he simply preferred to crawl!
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I wouldn't worry too much yet;

DD1 was 18 months &
DD2 was 16 months..

On the flip side, my sister was 8
DD1 was walking aided by 8 months didnt walk unaided until just after her first brithday
DD2 was walking aided at 12 months, didnt walk unaided until 16 months
DS is 9 months and is now trying to pull himself up
they're all different

DD1 was 10 and a half months, she'd been walking around furniture for just over a month. I don't think DD2 is going to be an early walker lol, she's taking her time!

with my twin DD's number 1 walked at 17 months and number 2 was a month behind her.

DS1 took his first steps a few days before his first Birthday... He slid around teh hosue from 6 months and crawled at around 7-8 months

DS2 i thought was going to do everything faster as he was about to crawl at 5 months and well he is almost 6 months and has not got any further with his crawling. He rather try sit up now and make bridges on his hands and up on his toes! Weird child! LOL...
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