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What age did your baby walk?? Lock Rss

livvy walked at 11months and 3 weeks. i think the carpet was hurting her knee's crawling. she wasn't an early crawler: 8 and a half months

it takes three weeks for my spudlings to sprout eyes, and then they can walk. How clever are they???????? Who else do you know that can walk on there eyes????
He rather try sit up now and make bridges on his hands and up on his toes! Weird child! LOL...

LMAO my DS loves doing this too... must be a boy thing

My little man took his first un-aided steps on new years eve, at 10 1/2 months old. Now is going good guns- loves walking and no stopping him!
I started walking a 10 months also, dont know if there is any relation or not though.
I think its more common around the 12-15 month mark though....

eta- I have heard that heavier/bigger babies take longer to start crawling/walking because of the extra weight they gotta pull around... another consideration smile
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DD started walking unaided at 17 months
DS started walking unaided at 10.5 months

Bub being walking since he was 11 months and his cousin who 3 weeks older than him started when he was 13 months old.
When your DD ready to walk she will.

My first 2 boys walked at 14 months but my last boy didn't walk till 21 months, they are all different.

DD1 and DS walked at 11 months and DD2 started walking just before 13 months, so almost three weeks ago.
Rydes was 1 year, 1 week and 1 day old. Yes yes, thats why it so easy to remember.. LOL

ashleigh walked unaided at 9-10months now the reason i say that is coz i say 10 but everyone else seems to think it was 9.

bella is 7 months in 6 days and she is trying to pull herself up but i just dont want her to coz she is so lil and she needs to just stay a baby lol. they all do it in there own time.

My oldest who is nearly 3 walked at 12mths. SHe crawled for a few months.

DD2 didnt walk till prob 15/16mths.. She commando crawled for ages..
NOW we cant stop her!! lol
I was hanging for her to walk but now i shouldnt have wanted it so much cos we now have to literally run after her to cath her!! lol

Dont worry about Taylah, shel do it when shes ready so that prob means very soon!!!

N took 1st steps at 7 mths, walked all the time at 9mths.

Average age is 12-18mths. I've heard to give them to 18mths before starting to worry.

I class walking as no crawling at all.
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