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What age did your baby walk?? Lock Rss

DS1 - 12 months old

DS2 - 13 months old

DD is only a baby but going by that maybe she'll walk at 14 months old... or be eager to keep up with her brothers and walk earlier. I think all babies are different.

DD walked unaided at 13 months (11 months corrected), she had been walking along furniture since 9 months though.
DD1 started walking around 16.5 months, she did have weight bearing problems when she was little, so not sure if that delayed her.

DD2 turns 1 in 2 weeks is walking around furniture or behind anything she can push.

My DS was 16 months.

One day he was crawling showing no signs of walking, and the next day he was RUNNING!!
to clarify - walking to me is walking totally unaided, not using anything at all for support

DS1 was 12mths 3 days
DS2 was 10.5mths
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both of mine started walking unaided for more than a few steps exactly a week after they turned 1.

i was walking at 8 months my sister at 7. i looked after babies at my old work that were 12months and not even sitting or crawling. try not to worry and just enjoy the time of not having to chase her lol but if u are really worried just get a check up at the doctors.

Both my elder 2 DD'S walked at 9 months. Than my DS was later as he had legs to carry him around lol so hence he didnt walk till 12 months or later. Youngest DD was over 1 as well. Same had legs to carry her around.

DS1 was walking at 13 months.
DS2 is 16 months and not walking yet.
He'll walk when ready.

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I class walking as no crawling at all.
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Hey just wondering if you could clarify this further,
My little munchkin walks very well, all up the hall, around the loungeroom - even "runs" (fast walking really)when chased. but.... still crawls aswell if its conveinient to him- so by your rules does this means he's not "technically" walking?

My DD started crawling at 5.5 months (she was crawling before she coudl sit up on her own) and she got up one day and started walking at about 8.5 - 9 months unaided and has been on the go ever since. at 13 months she started climbing and now at 15 months thinks that she is a mountain goat smile

DS1 was 'late' at 13 months

DS2 was even 'later' at 19 months. LOL

I was never worried, though it was always the FIRST question people asked us when they hadn't seen us for a bit......the "is he walking yet?" Sure they didn't mean it in that way BUT it got annoying. LOL

Once he started though he was off, rarely fell over AND he was running within a week. He still crawls places too, finds it faster, or when he's pushing cars up and down the hallway. ROTFL But then he's done everything 'late'; he didn't crawl till he was like 12 months old though he's been cruising furniture since he was about 10 months old. I reckon it is a confidence thing......and he refused all attempts to 'hurry him along'.

Can't quite remember the specifics but I think DD was around 14 months and DS was 17 months when they walked unaided..

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