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What age did your baby walk?? Lock Rss

the 2 older ones walked at 10.5 months, the youngest around his 1st birthday

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Lucas was up and about by 11 months, hasn't stopped since. One of his playmates is 21 months and still not interested. It all depends on the child I think.
Ds 1 was 9.5 months, ds 2 was 12 months..
DD1 was 8.5 months, DD2 was 10 months, We also have DS (currently 7 months old, sat unaided at 6.5 months) I've heard boys are slower???
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DS1 walked at 14 mths

DS2 waked at 10 mths now 12mths and can climb lounge chairs and go up my stairs I cant keep up with him

#1 was 10 months
#2 was 10 months
#3 was 9 months
#4 was 10 months

who knows what #5 will be? Just hope he isn't in a hurry - he is the last one - so I am hoping he will stay a baby a bit longer.
DS was 13 months when he started. it began with him being able to stand in one spot for longer and longer at a time, then he was able to take a few steps and after a week or so he was off. 2 weeks later and he was running. so it will happen all of a sudden when they get the confidence to try.

My little girl walked at 12 months - however she was always an active baby wanting to be on the move.

Don't worry too much though, I am in two Mum's groups - one of 10 and one with 4 Mums and the ages for walking varied drastically across all of the tots. All of the kids are 2 now and you can't tell which ones crawled or walked early or late - it doesn't matter in the long run.

Enjoy the time before your little one starts running off in the shopping centre I say!
My little girl started crawling at 6 months and by 6.5 months she is now pulling herself up and anything and everything. Should I be worried that she is too young to be doing this?
DS1 walked at 10mths 3 days and DS2 was exactly 12mths. I wouldn't worry too much, they all do it in their own times. I apparently didn't walk until quite late - I could talk in sentences before I took my first step lol. My DF walked very early and his sister was apparently 8.5mths when she started - I'd rather one starting a bit later, lol, you know where they are then. smile

My DS walked at 10.5 mths. The babies in my mother's group all walked in range from 10.5 mths - 16 mths.
DS#1 - 13 months
DS#2 - 11 months
DS#3 - 10 months

As everyone says - "Enjoy it while it lasts!"
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