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Dinner thread.....need inspiriation Lock Rss

So what yummy stuff are you all having?

curly fries and honey soy kebabs... something quick and easy

Something quick and easy here tonight too - homemade pizzas yummo!

I have the week mapped out (back to school, and work this week, so I am starting off organised!)
* tonight - fried rice and chicken kebabs
* Tuesday night - chicken and tomato pasta bake
* Wednesday - Chow Mein (left overs from last night)
* Thursday - BBQ chook and roast veg
* Friday - Take away I'd be guessing!
We're having Tuscan meatballs with spaghetti
Satay Chicken and Rice
Its nearing shopping day so there isn't much left at the moment!

So I have taken some beef casserole out of the freezer that I made a week or 2 ago and froze for times like this!

So its beef casserole with mash & veg grin
tandoori chicken and rice
Dh won't be home so i'm cooking lol

Sausages and creamy pasta salad and some other salad for me
dd1 sausage (she actually ate some last night) and maybe mash potato
Dd2 probably sweet potatoe, mashed potato, and carrot.

Iwas thinking of mac and cheese for them both but dd1 (3 1/2) has being shocking about letting me cook lately.
Im thinking Thai Red Curry and rice smile

We are having Salmon Patties and Salad kids favourite!
We are having Quiche, which has just finished cooking.
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