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What year were you born? Rss

Just curious to know the age range of the ladies on here!

1987.... although i feel like it should be 1957

1985 - so 25 this year smile

1981 here, so that makes me 28, though I feel more like 88 most days lol


Hmm, thinking I might be a bit 'old' to be here now. PMSL

I noticed Em that you haven't given the year of YOUR birth. hehehehehehehehehe

86- but i feel sooo much older

my 3 babies ds4 dd1-3 and dd2-1

1977 - 33 this year though i look 25
I'm a 1980 model smile
It's very convenient when trying to remember how old I am... the big 3 0 this year! But not for a while..
1990. but god i feel ancient lately lol

Posted by: Mumto2Ts
1977 - 33 this year though i look 25

Thank goodness your in your thirties too, I thought I was the only one!!! 1978 is me smile], I still get asked for ID, hehe, I think that's great smile.... (except the time I lost my license or DS did, and I couldn't produce it, not so much fun then)
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