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nope, wouldn't do it, wouldn't buy it, and wouldn't want it as a gift.

We didn't find out with either of ours, had no desire/intention to do so either. We go into the 20 week scan hoping with all our might to get the all clear from the sonographer so we know our baby is healthy, not to find out the sex. We love our bubs regardless of what sex they are, I like the element of surprise at the end.

From what I have heard (online, news reports etc, i don't know anyone who has tried it personally) they are extremely inaccurate, lots have been told they are having a particular sex, when they end up delivering the opposite sex.
Bet your boobie I would ...

God willing I will be doing just that early next year some time !!!

I'd use it but I wouldn't buy anything or get too sold on the result unless it was confirmed by the 20 week scan. DF says i'm not allowed anymore though so I will never be using it anyway.
I can't stand not knowing either - I am HOPELESS with surprises. I'm not allowed to buy one but would have liked to give it ago. Only 4-5weeks until we can try and have a look at our scan though, yay!!

I have read though that it's just like a ph tester. I can't remember which way it goes but a one way (high or low ph) favours female sperm and the other male sperm, so when using this test all it really tells is if you have ph that would have favoured one sex or another when you fell pregnant.

So maybe I could get some ph test strips and find out what ph level favours what sex and it might give same accuracy lol....

Thanks for all your opinions girlies.

I think the thing that makes me most sceptical about it is, it is just a wee test, so if it is that simple, why wasn't it developed decades ago?

It is marketed at people like me who just can't wait to find these things out! LOL

Maybe I would for fun if someone gave it to me...

Although, things are different with this pregnancy and we're NOT finding out this time if it's a boy or girl. I want another girl (a healthy baby being, of course, the priority!), so I think if it told me I was having a girl and then it turned out to be a boy I would probably be really disappointed!

Anyway, I'd never spend the $140 (I think it is) on a maybe.

A friend recently did this test and in different lights it gives a different result. It defiantely did not have a clear indication as to a preferred sex. I think for the price of it and the fact that according to testimonials from people who have used it (results are closer to 50%) its not something I personally would try and if I did I wouldnt pin my hopes on it kwim?? I guess if you did it for a bit of fun and have the spare dosh its not hurting anyone but there are people out there that would take the result as gospel and would rush out and stock up on gender specific items.
Im 37 weeks pregnant, and know we are having a healthy boy, but I have actually been tempted to buy one just to see what it says lol.

I, like others, would rather wait to see if they can tell at the 20 week scan, than take a test that I've heard has given wrong results, and like Kate said, the fact that it's a wee test, you would think it was invented years ago lol
If I had one I'd use it because frankly peeing on things and watching them change colour is fun IMO! But I wouldn't go out of my way to buy one.

We were actually told at our 12wk scan that there was an extremely high probability we were having a girl. I challenged the sonographer about it being too early to know and she showed me the differences in bone formation on babies that went on to be girls or boys. The girl call was confirmed at the 19wk scan. So for the sake of 2wks I think I'd save my money and buy baby clothes instead!
I wouldnt use it purely cos I think its quite costly and not being 100% reliable would rather wait til my 20 week scan.

Also my close friend used it and it told her she was having a boy and she had a girl lol.

I wouldn't use it either.
I don't want to find out the sex till Bubs comes out! smile

And I've had a few people we know find out the sex at a scan and it was WRONG!
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I don't think i would use it, i just wait till the 20 week scan.

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