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For all the kiddies STARTING SCHOOL!!!! :-) Lock Rss

I would love to get some feedback from the mummies on :-

How the first drop off went?
How the first day went?
How the first week went?

I particular how they've gone adjusting to full days or weeks, with no rest time etc and how tired they are at the end of the day/week?
Did you kid have daycare/kindy last year and do you think that's made a difference?

I might have to come back and bump this at the end of the day but I wanted to get it out now before I forgot smile

Ta smile
I can't help you with this, but wanted to send love out to the first time schoolies and their mumma's!!!! Jaz will start next year and I am petrified already!!! I am thinking that home shcooling is sounding better and better. Damn that girl for being so social!!! LOL
hahaha I just came on this morning to post the same thing.

Ethan starts for his first time on Monday and he is starting to say No mummy I want you to stay with me.. He will be going 2 full days a week. So its a bit jump in the deep end and im so so nervous for him
I dont know how we are both going to cope..

Ethan has not been in daycare. He only goes in the creche for an hour while i am at the gym..
So this is going to be huge for him.

Hope some ladies can tell us thier stories.

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

Last year DD1 started school. I was far more nervous than she was. The first week she was fine, then she spent most of the next 2 terms (!!!) crying every time I left her. So I don't have good memories of starting school. However, she is now very excited about starting pre primary next week.

I'm sad though, because not only will she be going full time, but DD2 starts kindy this year too. I'm hoping she will be okay with it, as she is so used to going there when we took DD1 las year.

So in a few weeks it'll be just me and DD3 for 2.5 days per week. I think she will be the one who is sad, as both her playmates will be at school!
My DD2 started prep today and she was great! We arrived about 20 minutes before school was set to start to make sure we weren't too rushed. We met her teacher, unpacked her bag and got everything sorted then we sat on the carpet and read some books and did some puzzles. When it was time for me to go the only one who cried was DD3, because she wanted to stay and play on the playground.

My DD has never set foot inside a day care centre but she was sitting on the carpet and answering roll call etc with confidence.

Will let you know this afternoon how her day was and how tired she is.
Bump for those coming home!! smile
My DD had her very first day today and she was such a little trooper, I was SO proud of her! She just waved me off as she walked to Chapel with her classmates. Then was so excited to show me what she had been doing when I went to pick her up. And can't wait to go back tomorrow, so that is a good sign!

DD did 2 full days of kinday last year,9am til 3pm, so she is used to the full days. Will be interesting to see how she is at the end of this week though. Then we have a full on weekend and shes back next week, so will no doubt be over it half way through next week.

My DD had major separation anxiety issues last year when she started kindy so I am SO proud of her and how she went today. She has come so far in the past 12 months. My little girl is growing up! sad

DD had a wonderful day at prep! I heard all the exciting news this afternoon, about what she did, how wonderful her teacher is and all the kids she met.

She was tired but I expected that (she still often had a midday nap at home) and add to that, the fact she was up and dressed for school this morning at 5:45,lol. Off she went to bed at 7:30 and I think she was asleep before her head hit the pillow,lol.

She is as keen as mustard though to do it all again tomorrow smile]
[Edited on 27/01/2010]
DD1 started Prep last year and she was practically pushing me out the door! She was so excited and we never had any drama about going. Ofcourse by the end of the first week she was pretty tired but she soon adapted. She had her first day of grade 1 today and was so excited about it she could hardly sleep last night! lol, Thank goodness the hols are over, we have been counting down the sleeps for about the last 3 weeks!

3 Gorgeous Girls!

with 3 big school boys entering years 2, 3 and 4 this morning,I love to hear how the littlies went on the first day/week.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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