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OMG... 2 members online... Rss

I haven't really experienced general from the other side of the world... lol

hmmm its only 9.30pm in WA... and it appears all the east coast mums are already in bed...

I wish I was sleeping... it is 12:30am....!

Is OVER rude people

yep, it can be very boring here at night, especially while daylight saving is on!!

Hi though smile
Awwww who's not sleeping in your house... lol

Me! I have just put the iron on..... may as well make use of the awake time.... sad

Is OVER rude people

Posted by: **Duffy**
Awwww who's not sleeping in your house... lol

Were you asking me?! I'm in Perth too... I played netball tonight, so wide awake and not ready for bed wink
LOL, I'm an Eastern girl and I'm here! Wide awake and bored, hence finding myself here for the first time in about 6 or more

3 Gorgeous Girls!

lol I'm here playing on my new pink lappy... heheh and loving it....

I've just got home from work. Going to bed after this reply but just wanted to say hi. I have to get up in less than 6 hours sad If last night is anything to go by it'll be a lot of times in between too. Maybe you could all discuss how to make my 2 year old sleep all night lol.
Oh no... you poor thing Yeahi.... man they are little monkeys... just think of the revenge when they get older... and you get to jump all over there bed... come on get up!!! its 9am... lol

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