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Anyone know much about bee stings?? Lock Rss

I should, considering my 3 yr old boy has had four in the last three months, but this one seems to be worse than usual.

He isn't having problems breathing or anything like that, so I know it's not an emergency. It's just very swollen. He got stung about three hours ago, and it seems to be getting bigger and redder. He was stung on the sole of his foot, in the arch, and the swelling extends to about mid-calf now. He has one massive cankle. He is walking on his heel, his foot is so puffy he can't put weight anywhere else. He doesn't seem to be in a huge amount of discomfort unless he tries to walk on it.

My husband gave him polaramine shortly after it happened, so he isn't able to have another dose yet. We've tried putting ice on it but that seems to bother him more than actual sting and he won't hold still.

It's also very red, his whole foot now, which it wasn't earlier.

Does anyone know any other ways to stop the swelling, or what would happen if we don't do anything and it keeps getting worse?
TBH, I'd be getting medical attention as that sounds like a significant reaction. Especially since you have given him an anti-histamine and the reaction is continuing to exacerbate.

ETA I don't mean to stress you out or anything. I am a worrier!
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Different type of bee maybe? I wouldnt stree its not near his throat and his not having breathing difficukties. I woud keep an eye on him through the night and keep up the antihistamine. Whenever I get stung, I'm huge swolen red and very sore for days!. I hope it goes qdown quickly for him or at least the pain subsides.
Hehe that's ok - thanks for your response. I think I probably will get him seen. He's just had a shower so I'll have a close look and see if it's any better; if it's not I will take him to the hospital.

Thanks again - at least he's not having trouble breathing or anything. My concern is that the reaction is worse than ones he's had before and I'm worried about whether they can develop an allergy or not. I hadn't thought so, but I guess I have to admit to being a bit of a worrier myself hehe.
I knew I should have worded it better! lol

His breathing is fine, so it's not an emergency, of course. I'd be more concerned that the reaction is greater than he has previously experienced. That and the fact that it is red and spreading. I worry that he might become quite uncomfortable. (See, told you I am a worrier!)
It is possible to develop an allergy after several stings - my father wasn't allergic to bees until he started working at a school with bee hives. After a few stings he started to have an allergic reaction when he got stung so the bees had to go.

It might be an idea to make sure that the sting itself isn't still in his foot (it he'll let you touch it) as that might also explain the greater reaction.

While it isn't a major emergency, it does sound like something that is worth getting checked.

All the best and I hope that he's better soon.

Yes you can develop a reaction. I never reacted like that till I was stung 12 times at once on the head :S (stupid ag at school). the hosp shoud be able to givbe more answers. Have you tied putting a cod back on it to ease the swelling?
I would be going to the hospital NOW it sound like a nasty allergic reaction.
Anaphytic reactions get worse and worse each time, this time its only serve swelling to the site but each time he gets a bee sting the reaction will be worse and worse. My brother now has less then 10 mins to have his epi pen after being stung before the swelling gets so bad he will not be able to breath.

An allergy to bees can develop, my dad is a bee keeper and we use to have bees at our house (we loved having honey all the time) so my and my bro used to get stung all the time with no reaction, until my bro was about 8 he got stung and had a massive reaction and ended going to hospital in ambulance, his reaction happened straight away, he was swollen and couldnt breath properly after about 2 mins of being stung. He was fine once drugs etc but for a while after that he had to carrying an injection (adrenalin, i think) with him incase he got stung and had phenergarin(sp) as well. He was stung a few times since and never had a huge reaction, took his med straight away. Now if he gets stung he has almost no reaction and doesnt need meds. Needless to say our bees were moved to another farm.

By the sound of it your DS should be fine but there would be no harm in getting him checked and if he gets stung again (fingers crossed he doesn't) he is watched for a reaction
All the best!!

Hi everyone,

thanks for all your responses - I am concerned that the reactions are getting worse and I will be more cautious with him now, making sure he always has shoes on outside etc.

I didn't take him to the hospital, he let me put ice on it and I gave him more polaramine when he was able to have it. The swelling didn't go down, and still hasn't, but he is otherwise fine. I have to take him to the doctor this week for something else, but I will have a talk with him about the bee stings, as I am definitely concerned about him becoming allergic.

Thanks again for your replies, you've all been very helpful and I appreciate it.
This sounds exactly like my DS.
He has been stung so many times and the last time was when we were camping and it was on the bottom of his foot too.
Iy went SO SO SO SO big. he also had cankles. ( i had a giggle when you said that cause we said it too)

I was also worried cause he never reacted this bad before to them so off we went to the local hospital which was in the middle of no where and they couldnt do anything for us..
We were told to keep up the panadol and claratine medicine.
he could wear shoes for 4 days it was that bad. But it soon went away.

He will be fine but yes it does loook bad hey..

Poor bugger

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

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