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phone companies,who are you with? Lock Rss

morning everyone. how is everybody?just wondering if i can get some feedback as to which phone co you have yre home phone internet with,we are currently with telstra and have been for ever.i have never had any problems at all,just get the bill and pay it.but within the past yr im becoming extremely frustrated with them,to the extent i could just scream at them down the phone(and have) to where i could simple just cry(and have to ).everysince they sent us wireless(we have broadband) been nothing but a hassle i sent it back ,have had never ending huge bills,they are useless to talk to ,spend forever just to get thru,then u are talking to someone in the phillipines,l;ike what do they do(cant even understand them)im so ver it and completley and uttely sick of it all.they just donet get it!!!! so we are looking to change to another company but no idea who go with.thanks for reading this long drawn message.and has anyone had bad experiences with telstra.thanks shell.

shell 4yr old & 16mth

our home phone is with telstra and internet with westnet.We have not had any bad experiences with either.Actually I rang westnet for some advice/help and got a call back which instead of them answering they put me on hold and then cut me off. By the time I did get onto them, we had worked out the problem anyway

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I am with AAPT before this I was with Telstra and found them to be to expensive and a huge haasle trying to get wirless set up etc. Hence why i signed up with AAPT.

I have broadband 5g a month plus $50 worth of calls free a month check out there website. My sis has westnet and they are meant to be good as well smile
our phone is with engin (VOIP) and internet telstra.

At the moment we're with Telstra, but I am as fed up as you sound! As soon as we're off contract, we're going on one of the Optus plans. I could not hate Telstra anymore than I do right now! My aunty has an Optus plan and she says it's brilliant. Can't wait to switch.

Home Phone: Telstra (only have the phone for internet and they had the best package for our area at the time)
Internet: Internode
Mobiles: 3

We've been pretty happy with all three and we've never had any issues.
Hey was with Telstra for 16 years and in the end totally lost it with them. Am now on a fusion package with Optus and it is so much better (and cheaper) we did have a few issues at first but it was not their fault it was in the house lines so they offered to break our contract for no charge but we just worked together and got it all sorted smile

Leigha''s little men smile

we currently dont have house phone or internet as we live with our parents and they have it, but before we were with optus and there fusion plans, they are awsome and cheap. And we have our mobiles with virgin prepaid we get free calls to other virgin ppl so its all free smile

We have home phone, internet and my mobile in a bundle package with Telstra... Every few months or so I call them and see what new deals they have and what they can offer me...(yes, me the bargain
I have no complaints with them - The problems I have had, have been fixed and handled well.. I always seem to get someone in WA or Melbourne which is great...
Our home phone is with Telstra and our internet is with Westenet.

I'm with telstra because unfortunately NO ONE else gives the coverage that we want in WA.
My brother has BOB iinet, he loves it, but mostly for internet.

Just a question to those with VOIP, do you have issues with a delay in the line?

We have home phone with Telstra, internet with Clear Networks (satelite) and mobile Optus prepaid.

We have VOIP with out internet but we can't use it due to a 2-3 second delay. People hear us straight away, but we don't hear them straight away.

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

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