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Just wondering if anyone knows of any good, cheap maternity stores online. I have had a look on ebay and cant really find much on there.

Thanks smile
pumpkin patch was the only 'cheap' maternity clothes i could ever find. and the nicest. all the rest were ugly, frilly and expensive.
would have to agree with pp, pumpkin patch clothes are great, have a look at their website esale, you should find a bargain
I'm not sure what you consider 'cheap', but I got some really nice Nine Moon denim shorts from here a few weeks back. They had a 20% off sale at the time. They have a pretty big range.

If you google you'll find heaps and heaps of online maternity shops these days!
Thanks heaps for your replies will get on pumpkin patch now and have a look - i didnt realise they sold maternity clothes. Will google some more too, had a quick look this morning but couldnt find what i was looking for. Thanks again smile
PP sizes are big though - make sure you try them on! Also ask around your friends may have things you can borrow.

I found that most normal tops that were stretchy or loose were ok, its the bottoms that are a problem.

Good luck, when are you due?
Hi Rachels Mummy, sorry for the late reply.

Thanks so much smile I am due 30th June so I am 19 weeks. I have the same problem, the tops i can shop cheap at Kmart, Target etc but its the pants i have trouble with. While pregnant with DD i went from a size 6 to a size 18 (pants only) and always had problems finding bottoms that were comfortable or something more my style. Im sure if i look hard enough though i could pick something up from Kmart or target as well.
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