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Anyone else NOT celebrate this??
I dont either...I would love to but DH is as unromantic as a person can get lol

Cheers Ness

I'm with Ness on this!
I'm not talking about big bunches of flowers etc just something small and simple I would love, just once.

We do, but as a family- we all get gifts and go out together
It has never been a big thing for us, usually chocolates and a card, HOWEVER, over the last few years I haven't even bothered with a card and this year I don't think I will even worry about chocolates either.

We have had our ups and downs and he knows that I love him and am devoted to him, so that is all that counts.

Is OVER rude people

yeah we don't either!!

We did the first few years of being together but it's been 10years now and you can only get so many cute little stuffed teddy bears lol!

Ness, I am a very romantic and passionate person, As you know, But i dont celebrate as i think its way to commercial.

I dont need one special day a year to tell someone how much i care... I would rather do it every day!
we dont never have
FYI Valentines day is also International Condom Day!

Nope I think its silly smile
I wouldnt want a fancy huge deal made out of it but a nice takeout chinese picnic dinner on the loungeroom floor with some choc coated fruit a few candles and some soft music would be divine. Infact any time of year I would love that.....ah a girl can dream hehehe

Cheers Ness

we dont. cant see the point of it really (im not a romantic person nor is DF)
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