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Leaking boobies Q Lock Rss

When did your boobs start leaking when you were pregnant?
I think from memory mine had started by now with DD and DS, but so far I have nothing.
Dry as a dust bowl here.

Anybody else have late leakers?
Does this mean I'm definitely destined to FF again? I was hoping to at least give it another shot, but if there's no action in there, then there's really no point eh? sad

I started leaking with my 1st at 25weeks?
I have been leaking since 14weeks with this bubs now its to the point Iam changing my breast pads 2/3times a day and I have had alot of pain from them... and the feeding hasnt even started yet!! aghh

Mine didn't leak at all during pregnancy, infact I tried to express before she was born because of GD and couldn't get anything out but now she's almost four months and I still wear pads all day and all night and have the freezer fully stocked with extra milk so there is hope!!
Fingers crossed you get to give it another shot!!
I leaked at about 30 weeks with my twins, but never was able to breastfeed them, and was told i'd probably never be able to breastfeed. WIth DS i didn't leak at all and i've been fully breastfeeding for 6 weeks and even have TONS of extra milk in the freezer. So just because you don't leak doesn't mean you can't BF.

There is still hope for you yet LOL!

With DS1 I started leaking at about 20 weeks. I would wake up in the morning with big wet patches through the bed. I had a lot of various issues with feeding so I stopped at around 4 months.

With DS2 I didn't leak a drop the whole pregnancy. If I squeezed a tiny bit of colostrum would come out. Same as Sette I now have a freezer full of expressed milk and the feeding is going great guns!

Hopefully you get to bf this time!!
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Cool, thanks ladies.
I gave up on BF with the other two because it was absolutely EXCRUCIATINGLY painful..
I'm happy to FF if that's how it happens, but I would at least like to give BF a shot! It'd be nice to feed one of the tribe!

I guess we'll find out how it goes in a couple of weeks.

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I didn't leak at all with DD and fed her pretty much on demand until she self-weaned at 19 months. Within a week of her birth I could express over 100mL in 10 min out of ONE side using a manual pump so didn't have a problem with supply at all lol.

Haven't had any leaking yet this time round.

All the best.

I also didn't leak at all when pregnant but managed to breast feed. I had a couple of problems getting attachment sorted but no problems with supply.
Hope it all works this time!
I didn`t leak either whilst pregnant, & definitely had no problems with supply.. could have fed the whole town I was that engorged!
Goodluck this time round smile
You've made me feel heaps better about it all.
Thanks smile

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