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  5. Im turning 30 tomorrow!! booooooo

Im turning 30 tomorrow!! booooooo Lock Rss

Well I'm tuning the big 3-0 tomorrow and i'm feeling so down!!

I really dont want to celebrate but all my friends and family are pushing and pushing for me to do something....i really feel as though turning 30 is not something to celebrate!! I feel as though i'm running out of time or something!! weird, i know!!

I'm a single mum with a 2.5 year old, which pretty takes up all my time and i dont get much help...i also suffer from depression (this has been going on for the past 6 months)....

Does anyone know how to skip their b'day ha ha ha
Happy birthday for tomorrow!

I was just talking to a friend today who turns 40 next month, she is feeling a bit like you. She's decided to do something completely out of character (for her) and mark the day with a bungee jump or sky diving or getting a tattoo lol. I have no advice, I had a bit of a weird thing come over me when I turned 25 and went and had a check up at the dr, dentist and gyno, and had a skin check/analysis done, for some reason I felt like I was getting older and it wouldn't be long til I got some kind of illness, weird. It passed. I've heard that your 30's are great though, try and look forward to all the adventures you'll have over the next decade smile
when i turned 30 i was also really down about it, I didnt want to see anyone or do anything. My DH ended up taking me away for the weekend wehre i didnt see anyone I knew, and it was so good, all that worry for nothing about turning 30.. I woke up on my birthday and it felt like i had a new chapter in my life, like opening the book and there was just blank pages ready to be filled in.. i dreaded turning 30 since the day i turned 21 and all for nothing.... I hope you feel the same way when you wake up in the morning, its a fresh start to the next stage of your life, and you can write the book anyway you wish.. Congratulations for getting to 30, some are not so lucky and wish they could grow old... hope you have a great birthday!

8 babies..5boys 3 girls

i forget how old i am most of the time. i have to stop and think.

I dont see the point worrying - it's not like you can do anything about it.

i'm 32 this year.
I loved my 30th birthday, i being married a week and was on my honeymoon and hubby took me out for dinner and the next day took me to the cadbury factory since he know i love chocolate.
Have a great birthday.

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