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  5. im so freakin pi$$ed off right now!!!!

im so freakin pi$$ed off right now!!!! Lock Rss

and i cant whinge to noone so im gonna whinge here!!

my mum and I have had a weekly shopping & lunch day on friday's since i was pregnant with DD who will be 4 this year.

Every friday we meet for lunch, then get the few bits n pieces we need at big w and go to the banks and aussie post. every single freaking friday for 4 years!!

we also used to go the pub for sunday night tea with mum, dad, dh, dd, ds and myself. i have 3 other sisters, 2 of which also live vlose by, but they never came.

As soon as y sister moved back down for QLD with her new DF, the sunday night pub meals just stopped. we never got no reason why, just that they didnt want to go no more. fair enough. sunday nights are now my mum, my dad, and my sis from qld and her DF's family bbq night together.

that hurt abit, but i got over it, its just tea!!

fast forward to JUST NOW...........

I call my mum, likei do every fridya morning, to see how we are going time wise (washing house work etc) and arrange a time to meet up. i tell her i can go earlier as im not going to playgroup as DS has a stuffy nose.

her reply

"oh, im just gonna go with x (my sister from qld)from now on"

and then she said see ya and hung up.

and i am now feelin like a complete id iot.

I really look forward to our friday catch ups, the only one we have now the sunday night ones have also been replaced.

i guess i shouldnt be surprised, since she always manages to go to 2 of my sisters houses nearly every day, nut my younger sister and i struggle to get her to our houses once a season.

OMG that sux!!!! sorry that this happened, its not fair is it!??
It sounds like you're pretty close - can you tell her that you're feeling hurt by this? Or suggest you make another day to catch up on, even if it's just for coffee? I used to have a regular Friday meet with my mum too, and I looked forward to it too, I would have been very hurt if she'd told me she was going with someone else from now on! Maybe you should invite yourself along too. It sounds almost cruel to me, surely she'd realise you'd be upset?
Aww that sucks P ((((GBH)))) I can imagine how much that hurts. Why cant your sis join you and your mum *shakes head* Its not fair to dump one child inpreference to another child.
Ive grown up as that being the norm in our family though. I never hear from mum except birthdays. My younger sister is the prodical(sp?)child, Mum sees her several times a week thinks the world of her choices in life.
Do you have another sis or a friend who would like to do the shopping trip and lunch once a week?

Hugs NEss

OMG I would be so upset if my Mum did that to me and I would be telling her so.
That is rude why can't your sis and her DF go to the pub with all of you on Sunday's? Why dose if have to one or the other?
Why can't the 3 of you go shopping and lunching on a Friday?

It sounds to me that there is something more to the story. Do you and your sister get on?

I so know how you feel mate. I am almost the odd one out in my family and it feels like spending time with me is just a chore for my mum. I have been pushed aside too and it really hurts, especilly when it's a parent doing it.

I don't really have any suggestions on how to handle it as clearly I haven't handled my situation lol.

Not that I am even a close subsitute but if you ever want to catch up (even for some book swapping) just sing out. Shopping is likemy super dooper bestest friend lol

Mummy to one big little man!!

there is no reasoning with her. she is one very stubburn lady lol.

i dont wanna just rock up there, cos as i figure, she would of said meet us there. my sister has joined us since she moved back down here, i thought it was just a natural thing to do to invite her along.

i dont really have nayone else to go with. moist my friends i only catch up with on facebook, as they either work, or its always a one way thing, me doin teh running around and i grew tired of that.

friday lunch was pretty much my only social interaction with other adults apart from wednesday night netball. the rest of the time its just me and the kids. that is why i have just started playgroup friday mornings (only started last week)

i dont drink coffee, and i dont smoke. and all they literally do all day is sit around and smoke and drink coffee, so i guess i just dont have nothing but blood in common with them.

im not gonna go organise for another day, its obvioulsy too hard for her, i doubt she would even realise she hasnt seen us in a while if i dont go see her.

oh well, fluck them, i'll go back to bein a hobbit with just me and the kids. dont even have any clode neighbours to annoy.

Aww if I was closer I would come shopping with you.

Hugs NEss

Posted by: ~AmAndWillsMummy~

It sounds to me that there is something more to the story. Do you and your sister get on?

we get along grteat! there are 5 of us all up (yep, my poor dad, 5 daughters!!) and we are all very close.

it might be cos she doesnt have kids yet (she is due aprilw ith her 1st)

or that DS is quite full on, not naughty, but very demanding..........but i deal with him, so that shouldnt really be an issue.

my sister's DF actually works for me too. as does one of my other sisters DF's.

i think what i am most upset about is, if the problem is what i think it might be, im gonna go skitz at them. and i just dont even wanna think its that.

DS looks very similar to my nephew who passed when he was 11 months old. same hair colour, same loosk in the face, its eery. Its DN 4th anniversary coming up in the nxt couple of weeks, and my mum is still affected by it.

i was told DS wasnt allowed to have a 1st bday party cos DN never made it to 1, and last year around the anniversary mum was quite distant from DS.

but if its that, i really will crack it at them. cos im sick of them treating DS like he is to blame for DN's death.

WOW sorry for what you are going through. Your little boy sounds adorable and I would distance myself for a little while from the family til this is sorted.

That is just not fair of your Mum! I'll be on tonight if you wanna chat later T! Chin up! smile

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