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can anyone help me with some Chineese ??? Lock Rss

I am wanting to get the chineese symbol of father done as a tattoo ..but when I google it i can only find sites that want me to pay for the translation ...or they are all diffrent

I understand that there are many dialects of the chineese language but is there a universal one?? the universal language Manderine ???

can anyone help me ??

I've just ahad a quick look and found these ones

I'm not sure about a universal one cos these are all different.
I want to make sure it is right case I would hate to have this done only to find out I have the symbol for "you have the brains of a millapede!!!" lol lol lol lol ....

lol, yeah, you need to research it a bit first. I know a guy that went to Thailand and got a tattoo. He thought it said 'living the dream.' It actually says 'In your dreams.' lol
You can check the tattoo parlor's though its usually kenji that they have but have a look around they might have something like that... its a pain in the ass though took me forever to have mine done properly (its tibetian though not chinese)
[Edited on 06/02/2010]

I studied Chinese (mandarin) and for father the pinyin is BaBa, the chinese symbol which correlates with this is in the first link that was given HTH smile
[Edited on 06/02/2010]

Mummy to one big little man!!

Glad your researching it Frankie I know a girl that got screwed big time hehe she wanted faith love hope on the botom of her back, she had it done and then about 6mths later a chinese friend asked her about the tattoo..He thought it was odd what she had done. She told him what she thought it was and was horrified when she was informed that it was something very crude and she ended up having to spend a fortune tattooing over it.

Frankie - Go into the Tattoo shop you are wanting to get that tattoo done at and im pretty sure they will have chinese symbols in there Flash or in folders, most shops do. They will draw it up for you and they will know that it definitely means Father not flucker or something else LOL. Good luck smile

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