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Huggies Barcodes...???? Rss

Has anyone got any Huggies Nappy barcodes that they're willing to part with????

I am willing to pay for them....I am looking for 5 nappy barcodes...

Thanx in advance girl's..

All my love,

Zoe&Jordy's Mummy.

Zoe Jade (05/04/2004) & Jordyn (Jordy) Blake (23/0

Have you tried ebay?? I recently picked some up cheap from there..

Sam and Hayley and bub

Hi.. email me your address
I only have one but happy to send it to you
Hello Zoe&Jordy's Mummy,

Do you still need barcodes? I'm not entering this promotion, so I am happy to send you some smile
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