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Holiday Ideas?????????????????????????? Lock Rss

Hi all. I am wanting to Plan a holiday for my family. But i'm not sure where to go. We have done the Sydney Thing, with the zoo, then at a different time the aquarium and wildlife world.

Kinda wanting to do something and go somewhere where the kids will have something to do. I was thinking the gold coast but not sure we can afford it.
If anyone knows of cheap accommodation up there, please let me know....

So any ideas will be fantastic
I would start by looking at
There are a million different Gold Coast hotels,motels,caravan parks listed and you should get an idea of costs.

Keep in mind all of the theme parks are expensive to go to.
If you look at it will give you all the theme park costs.

Happy planning!

try the mecure hotel - full on family hotel and all catered for keeping the kids in mind and entertained for low $$ and also has a kids club where you can pay (I think $7) and then you leave the kids there for which ever activity you choose and they give them the meal and it allows you and DH some time alone tongue - they often have kids stay play and eat free offers

another one is Sea world - more expensive but also often has special offers on.

Leigha''s little men smile

sorry the mecure is now called paradise resort...

Leigha''s little men smile

[quote][b]Posted by:[/b] L*BAD
sorry the mecure is now called paradise resort...

[url][/ur l][/quote]

thank you so much for mentioning this! it looks really good and would cost us the same to go here as a holiday close by! hopefully twist the mans arm into going here instead of the central coast!!!

We are going to the Gold Coast next month. smile

We are staying just out of Surfers and its costing us $200-$300 cheaper than being right in Surfers.
Plus if you are driving there anyway, its not far to drive.

We looked at A1resorts and they have some great deals. smile

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