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I have finally admitted to myself i need to change my life Lock Rss

i have just turned 22 (Friday just gone actually) and i am obese i always knew i needed to loose weight but Friday just gone DF and i went to adventure world for the day for my birthday and it really proved how unfit i am i couldn't even climb up maybe 50-60 stairs without wanting to fall over and die!!

I just cant believe how much i have let myself go i really need to loose 50-60kg i just cant get over that im carrying a whole person of fat on me.

its time to get fit and into shape i dont want to die at a young age and not be around for my children and there is no way i can have anymore children till i get rid of this baggage.

really dont know why im posting maybe i just need to get it off my chest.

its tine to get fit in 2010

Hey hun,

Good on you for making a decision like that. Since you mentioned Adventure World, I'm assuming you live in Perth. If you want an accountability partner I live in Perth too (I am also 22). I'm working my a$$ off to get rid of the last unwanted 7kgs and it's proving to be a tough trip. As of next week I'll be going on a very strict diet under the supervision of a friend of mine who is a competitive body builder and she'll be doing personal training sessions with me goal is to lose it by April..yikes!

Is there a gym nearby where you can join up? That way they can give you a diet plan and a training program that will help you get the most out of your workouts.
hi bec
come join us in the fit and healthy section i have a thread in there i also relised how unfit and unhealthy i was i began tony fergouson last thursday and the 1st week lost 4 kg with a bit of excersize
but i totally understand where u are at
hi fellow perthian well done at the decsion you go girl...........have you tried healthy inspirations my mum went/goes there she raves about it.
Depending on where you live of course i don't know how many are around


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