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Waterproof doona protectors 4 kids Lock Rss

Does anyone have these and where did you buy them from?

I have found a website in QLD that sell them but I am in Sydney and was hoping to see them before I buy.


I just got home from a Lorraine Lea linen party and they had a couple of different kinds - one was a fitted one with the skirts and elastic to slip over your whole mattress, with a built in 'comfy' padding, at about $119 each I think (don't quote me but roughly) OR they had just a waterproof liner that you laid on top but was meant to be mega absorbent, for I think $59?? Something like that. They have a 10 day return policy, but you only get a credit, no cash back if you don't like it.

Edited as I had a brain fart moment and now realise you're after a doona protector - they had those too but I didn't pay attention to sizes or prices, sorry smile
[Edited on 09/02/2010]
Lol, I love your wording 'brain fart moment', it's great!

I will look at their website and may ring around a few more manchester stores.

Thank you.
[Edited on 09/02/2010]
Hi, Target have them i got one about two weeks ago it was in a set .It was $80 make down to $53 then 40% off that so i got it for $23. Hope this helps

Thanks AW0324, I didn't think to try Target. You got a bargain!
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