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any ideas what to buy? Lock Rss

hey ladies would love some of yure input for a girls 21st bday pressy.this is my hubbys daughter so want something special.all we can come up with is jewellary ,which is great but what sort and any other fantastic ideas.thankyou hope you can help .shell.

shell 4yr old & 16mth

Does she have a Pandora bracelet? I know they're everywhere at the moment, but the thing I like about them is that they can have so much meaning - different charms to remind you of different people or events, etc. You could get her a couple of special charms on it and she'll always remember what they mean.

Otherwise... maybe a watch? My parents got me a really nice watch as a uni graduation present. You could get it engraved on the back.

Or really any other jewellery - a nice ring, necklace or bracelet?
[Edited on 10/02/2010]
my dad gave me a gold bangle for my 21st, that he had engraved on the inside, some 7 years later i still wear it everyday.

I got a beautiful ring from my parents that i wear alot. My brother got me a charm for my bracelet which i love.

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