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we have a wedding to go to soon and im looking for a size 3 suit (specifically the jacket) for DS if anyone has one that their son has grown out of and is willing to part with it (ill pay for it and for postage etc) can u please pm me?? thanks

It will be very hard to find a size 3 as most suits go on even sizes, 0,2,4,6.etc

i found this out when i recently bought by boys suits for my wedding

Lissiii this might be a long shot, but maybe ring around any second or op shops. I know life line sometimes have shops that get posher clothes has dh brought a lot of he's job interveiw clothes before I met him from there. Or maybe shops that trade lable clothing. You might have to get some tailoring done though.
I am looking for a suit too (size 2) I went to David Jones and they had some really nice suits...smallest they had there was a size 3, It was really cute and you can buy the jacket separate, it was Industrie brand and I think was about 90 bucks...I am waiting for it to come in in a size 2!!!

Try eBay smile]

PM Fruchoc as I know she has just bought a suit for her DS to wear in a Wedding in a few months time so she might be able to tell you where she got it from. It wasnt that expensive either from memory

As above! I just bought my DS a brand new Size 3 suit off e-bay, except it doesn't have a jacket with it. Just the pants, shirt, vest and bowtie. Only cost me $35 plus $8 postage. However they do have suit jackets on e-bay too. Search there... you should find what you are looking for.

Lissi, have you tried the chinese shop that is at Plumpton (the one that is opposite the medical centre)? I got my son's one there and it was only like $20 something unfortunately it's a size 2 and it doesn't have a jacket just pants, shirt, vest and bowtie but they do have some with jackets.
Our Myer always have them clearenced when the new stock comes in.

A couple of weeks ago they were 30% off (came down to about $50), but I've seen them there at at least 50% off. Jackets & pants sold seperately.

I've always considered buying them when they are cheap but we've never had anywhere for the boys to wear them.

thanks for all the replies smile

the $30 ones sound good i wont be spending $90 on one hes not in the wedding we are just attending it but thanks for all the options! off to check out ebay now smile

Go into advanced search on e-bay and search for the seller "noisyboysx2" This is the seller I bought my sons suit from. She has jackets that she might sell separately if you send her a message.

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