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Does anyone feel Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone ever gets that feeling that your just not "right"

Nothing specific, i just don't feel right...

Guess there is no point to this thread as i cant put my finger on what is wrong.. But i know there is something...
All the time! I'm a major hypochondriac. Last week I was convinced I had throat cancer but now I just think it's a cold so I feel heaps better!lol I'm terrible, I have imaginary symptoms all the time.

Hope you figure out why you aren't feeling right, it's no fun when you can't pin point the problem. You should trust your gut though and go get checked out.
What do you mean by not "right"? Like physically? Or mentally??

I often don't feel right, I reckon my mind makes me go through a hell of a lot more than I should, I overanalyze things and think too much about the what ifs and drive myself to a state of bloody distraction!!!!!

Are you okay?

EDIT: I agree with PP....wouldn't be any harm in just popping to see a doc and getting yourself checked out....
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Yeah, I understand that.. I'm in pain in random places and feel short of breath a lot even though my scans came back clear. I just don't feel the same anymore..

If you're worried maybe go see a doctor.

I sure do Manda, sometimes it's something that I think I have forgotten other times it's just a feeling that something isn't right.
Yes I have tomes like this!
It's like I just don't feel myself...DF will ask whats wrong and I have no answer because there really isn't anything wrong....Is that what you meen or do you meen a health problem?
Thanks girls,
Yeah Clare, I feel more mentally "off" you know.
Its like you said, When someone sayes whats up? YOu just dont have a answer... Kinda just feel funky!

I just had a chat to FM about it and it could be a few things, He is going away for 2 weeks and i wont see him and will have very little phone contact in that time, so maybe i feel weird about that. Also i have been having shakes as meals for almost 2 weeks and going really hard at the gym of this wedding next weekend, Maybe my body isnt getting enough goodness.
Im not sleeping all that well...

Maybe its just a combination of all that??
Awww hope all is ok... I hate that feeling... anyway no point to my reply except big hugs.... lol

Thanks Duffy. I just wish i could pinpoint the problem so i can make a decision to get over it!! But because i dont know whats going on i cant combat it with anything!!!!
i would say its a combo of the 3 things u mentioned... could try a multi vitimin or something?

or it could just be that u miss me and we need to organise another hashy night???? lol big hugs an hope u do feel better soon anyways

Another Hassy night would be awesome!! I feel the need to release the pressure a little you know.. let loose a bit!
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