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WELCOME!!! Bar is OPEN!!!! Lock Rss

What is everyone else up to tonight??

I am relaxing with a wine or two and a small amount of choc to top off my week!!

FM is out on a cruise on Sydney harbour with all his work mates! I was supposed to be going but dont have a baby sitter...

So I am opening the huggies bar!!!!
Probably can't join the bar yet, it's only 3pm here!

But tonight we are having a picnic tea in the park, then watching the movie Bolt - they are having a big outdoor screen. Should be nice.

What a shame you couldn't go on the cruise!!
oh its 814 here and would love to join you!

have you got any virgin drinks? LOL

It's a bit early for me to have a drink yet, being 3pm lol. I'm going to enjoy my last few days and nights of freedom because I start Uni next week, YAY! But tonight I might treat myself to a wine. Then we are going to set up the projector and watch a movie after DD is alseep.
Make mine a triple.... of anything!!! I feel a smirnoff ice coming on...
LOL Sorry No virgin anythings here!! LMAO!

Wine straight up then??

wow all you Perth girls are have fun nights planned!!!!

Jana, Triple coming your way!!
Will have to give it a miss for the next 8 weeks. Dont think baby would like that!

Enjoy your wine and choc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've got a killer headache and DD1 is driving me up the wall with her whinging so I'll take the strongest you've got!

We are about to start dinner, then watch a movie and there is a good chance I will be asleep on the couch within the hour LOL!
Mmmmm ice cold smirnoff!!! Yummy...
DER!!!! I should really look at sigs!! LOL YAy!! 8 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!

Cheeky pair, Bring them my way, I will sort them both out!!!!!

mmm Jana!! Nice huh!
I'm from Perth with nothing planned!!! haha DS is pretty sick so we'll be having a boring, quiet night at home.

Who's saying 3pm is too early for drinks????? haha

Can I please have an ice-cold Mojito or a fruit tingle?

Oh, lucky mummy is paying for me by the way. wink

Fruit tingle it is!!!!! YUM!

Where is lucky mummy? Does she know she is footing the bill tonight??
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