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Who is the oldest Mummy? Lock Rss

Who is the oldest Mummy on here and how old were you when you had your last??

Just curious...I have a DS and think maybe I will want more...big maybe...but being that I am single makes it difficult at the moment. I know things can change and I guess I am still youngish (29) just wanted to see what age the mums here have had babies!!!

I'm not the oldest cos I knows there's a few here older than me LOL....I've got 4 kids and the last one arrived when I was 37yrs old.

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

I woudln't be the oldest but I was 29 when I had DS1 and 31 when I had DS2. Only just ... both of them arrived just a few weeks before my 30/32 birthdays though LOL!

I would like another one (still to convince DH as he is dead against having any more) but I would like to have my childbearing days over by the time Im 35.
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I have 4 children and had my last at 38.. Plus I will be a Nanna before Im 40..

I am 29 (30 in July_) and I have DS when I was 29 and DD when I was 27.

I am 31... Had DS when I was 29. Have no plans on having another until after our Thailand Wedding (April 2011) so probs won't have another til I am 33-35.
I'm 33 (34 in March) had DD2 when i was 31,but we are trying for another

I am one of the older Mums on here, but not the oldest. I will be 31 this year. I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old.

im one of the younger ones lol, i only just turned 22, i have 3 kids ages are 4(in may)i was 18, 2 and a half i was 19 and 10 months i was 21
i would like another some time in the next year or two

I'm not one of the old mummy yet. I only 32 will be 33 in July.

Just wanted to add that i was 31 when i had bub. And i be almost 33 when we start to ttc.
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i have a 10yr old, 4 yr old and a 2 yr old and im 30, so not toooo old yet
I was 32 when i had Rydes, and i will be 35 when i have this one, unless i am two weeks overdue! LOL Lets hope not!

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