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  5. I am trying to sell a pram what should I ask for $$

I am trying to sell a pram what should I ask for $$ Lock Rss

I have a 7mth old quinny zap blue stoller in great condition looks new still... I paid $400 for it Iam thinking of asking $200 for it? too much do you think?

It's hard to say, it may sell for $200 but they had them on clearance at my local Myer for $175 a few weeks ago.
it all depends where u selling it, if on ebay u definately wont get 200, i have seen them on clearance for 200

gasp clearance for $200 thats so good! makes me want to buy another one lol! in pink though

I put it in the quokka a for sales newspaper... My dp just got a call though asking to buy it for $180 so I think Ill take that!

i would be taking the $180 for sure tongue

I paid 300 for my quinny zapp the "quinny" has come off the side sad but im ordering new stickers for it tongue

I would take the 180

I got $99 for an emmajlunga a few years ago on ebay, it was the 2nd time it was listed, I still think she got a bargain even though it was an older pram it was in excellent condition, good luck selling it ,people just want bargains, not one only slighter cheaper than the sales on a brand new one

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi, you can also sell it for free at
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