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Signs of depression?? Lock Rss

what are some signs of depression please

mood swings
change in sleeping habits
weight loss or gain
crying for "no" reason
having trouble finding anything to be excited about
losing interest in things that you used to enjoy
losing patience/temper easily
poor concentration/lack of focus
withdrawing from social activities
decreased self esteem
suicidal thoughts

hope that helps

I would think that the 1st signs would be:
*Crying over little things or for no reason
*Trouble sleeping
*Mood swings
*Change in charter
*Feelings of wanting to give up, run away

My ob said that even though you may feel depressed if you have more good days then bad, you may have caught it in time or just having a rough time...
Ask for help, try talking to your family or close friends... then if you feel within yourself you have depression seek a doctors advice.

I have moments when I feel depressed I just want to run away, scream and cry... alot more these days lol but I feel within myself its just me not relaxing and being a control freak- I need to learn I cant do everything and I am not perfect!

thanks for that

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