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I drove the car today! Lock Rss

Only too and from school, but I DROVE!!!!! I got in and out of the car all by myself, I walked the kids to class WITH NO WALKING FRAME, and walked back to the car and drove home.

i just wanted to say i am glad you are healing now and hope your new bundle of joy is settling in well
Ricki that's awesome! I hope you're feeling great, I was gonna send you a message on facebook to see how it's all going but it's playing up and I can't send messages! So that's good to hear smile

That is great news Ricki.

god i love that feeling! like absolute freedom lol

so glad to hear u are on the mend!

woohoo!! thats awesome

glad to hear that Ricki, bet ur stoked that your finally getting ur freedoma md movement back... its only going to get better from here for you. hope the kids are being well for you..must be a good feeling to be able to actually move properly again... hope u get to heal very quickly..take care..

you have no idea how fantastic it was...
I have had to have DH as a carer for the last 4-5 months, someone to help me dress, bathe, help me on and off the loo, put me to bed, roll me over in bed, help me out of bed, cook and clean for me, help me in and out of the car. Play with the kids, help me walk, help me wash in the shower, dry me. It is such an amazing feeling to be able to start to do all these things by myself again.
I feel really positive today!
Did you have SPD? The relief when I gave birth was amazing!

Good on you chick!!! That's fantastic!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: sooka''smum
Did you have SPD? The relief when I gave birth was amazing!

sure did! It was the hardest friggen thing I have faced physically!
I also tore the inguinal ligaments (Side to front of pelvis on both sides) and strained the sacral ligaments...
I wouldn't wish SPD on anyone!
I cant believe how well and quick I have been healing since the birth, I didn't expect to be this 'good' 3.5 weeks post birth!
Oh Ricki that's so good! Did all your swelling go down quickly?

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