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How many times have you been a bridesmaid? Rss

For me, just the once, six years ago. I froze my a**e off on the day and the wind made my $85 hairdo a mess.

How 'bout you?

[Edited on 16/02/2010]
Twice. Once for my sister and I was so nervous all the pics of me walking down the aisle look like I have my shoulders up around my earlobes.

The second was for a good friend with a dress that didn't really suit me. I looked so fat and some of the pics I looked pregnant.

Good thing it's all about the bride and noone shoould have been looking at me!
Never - and I desperately want to be! I don't think I will ever get the chance though. All my sisters are a lot older then me and already married. Most of my friends are married and the 2 that I'm really close to and thought they would probably ask me - didn't.
Once. For my brothers wedding in 1993. I hated it, hated the electric blue dress, hated the hair style, hated the dancing. Turned out to be a HUGE waste of $30,000, they were separated less than 18 months later, and are still yet to divorce despite being apart for over 15 years

I didn't have bridesmaids at my wedding. Just my niece as a flower girl.
Twice, once for my BIL's wedding and once for my sister 37 weeks pregnant smile
I really want to be a bridesmaid but apparently none of my 4 sisters are getting married

Im finding it so hard to find and keep bridesmaids/maid of honours for my wedding, it sucks its meant to be nice and easiest part but its turned out being the hardest part

8 times. A fairly good effort seeing as I'm only 26!

I was Made of honour for my sister, my brother's wife, and 2 of my friends. And I was bridesmaid for 4 other friends of mine.

I LOVED being a Bridesmaid/Made of Honour; sharing in the excitement and the nerves and bawling my eyes out during the vows smile

BUT, I was also the dressmaker for 6 of those weddings and that darn near killed me. LOL. The brides were all fabulous and easygoing throughout the whole dressmaking experience. It was the other bridesmaids who were painful! LOL. It's hard to create a dress that will be flattering to everyone and still fit with what the bride wants wink
Twice, my sister and my best friend. They were both bridesmaids for me smile
3 times here, so pretty lucky. Its so much fun!
I have been a bridesmaid once, and i just happened to be 7 months pregnant with Rydes! LOL IT was fun tho, it was FREEZING cold and we froze our nuts off, but it was a fantastic day!



Never. 2 of my bridesmaids are married & only had 1 bridesmaid each - wasn't me. My other 2 bridesmaids are my sis & SIL so fingers crossed I get to be bridesmaid for 1 of them. I think it would be so much fun

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