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How much does your 12-18 month old Lock Rss

DD2 is 13 months and 11kg
DS is 14.5 months and 11.1kg and 85cm tall

18mths n 9.3kg

19mths...10kg...hasn't changed since he was 18mths though LOL

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

Bub is 15 months and weighs almost 11kg. He loves his food but runs it off.

Jack is 16 months old and is 12.5 kgs. He is reasonably lean but tall. At 12 months he was 77cm tall, he has grown heaps since then but hasn't had his height done since.

Is OVER rude people

ds was 8kgs at 12months and 11kgs at 18months
dd was 13kgs at 12months and 14kgs at 18 months

[Edited on 16/02/2010]

DD is 15 months 8kg or just under.

dd is 13 months and 9.4kg
DS is 16 months and weighs 13.2kg and is about 86cm
DD is 17 months old and weighs 11kg. She is only a teeny little thing height wise too, down at the 25th percentile.
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