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We have been in the same townhouse for 4 yrs our rent started at 390 then went up to 410 now I got a letter today its going up to 450 Im on parenting penison and partner is on disability I have no Idea how im going to pay an extra $40 a week It took the owner 1 year to replace the broken oven and now he wants an extra 40 a week I have no idea what to say to real estate
It made me nearly scream today I cant win


is moving not an option? $400 is a LOT to be spending on rent per week! our mortgage is that much! not sure what area ur living n but i would be looking at a move.

Have you had a chat with your property manager? I have a rental property and I would never raise the rent so much in one swoop, $10 maybe but not $40. If they are uncompromising I would certainly be looking to move elsewhere if it is possible, that seems excessive and unfair.
THere is a percentage they have to go by to be able to increase your rent. I'm not sure what it is but if you check with your local tenants union they should be able to tell you. If it's higher than the amount they are allowed you can negotiate with the landlord, telling them it's too high and they can come up with another figure OR you can lodge a complaint with the tenants tribunal (the name of this varies from state to state) saying you feel the rental increase is too high. THey will assess and either say it is too high or it is fair. If you tell them of any repairs that need to be done that haven't been done or anything that would make it look as though the property is not worth the increase then you need to have that in writing to the tribunal. THey might base their decision on something as small as something that landlord has not rectified.
We have just had the same thing happen to us, our rent has gone from 190 to 230, and we are considering moving coz , this house isnt worth it and the landlord never fixes anything

I think u should move as 450 is alot for a townhouse, maybe move to a different area where rent is cheaper, i dont know how u can even afford 410 on parenting pension,
i would be buying a house with a mortgage for 410 let alone 450

GoodLuck with whatever u decide

Thanks for everyones replys .

I live in syd northern beaches I also work as lollipop lady at a primary school 15mins from home Ive look all over the beaches to get a house they start at 6oo pr wk which I cant afford not with children and working part time Im going to try and ask them to maybe half the price as its a bit steep and see how I go . Ive been looking and might have to move to central coast as its the only place in my price range I will have to try and get a new posting at another school but would also have to travel 3 days a week to macquaire uni near Ryde as Ive just started a degree in early childhood I feel like my world is crumbling around me.

cheers jean

Could you transfer to a diff uni or try correspondence? We just moved to the central tablelands for a change and we have a 3 story, 3 bed, 3 bath with garage in a decent area for I kid you not, $200 a week.
Hope you find a solution
You can negotiate the increase. Go back to the realestate and say you are prepared to pay say $420-$425.
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