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My pram tyres (inner tubes) just exploded! Lock Rss

Hi ladies - hope someone can help me - I have just pumped up my tyres at the servo, just left pram on verandah...I think I must have put too much air in (LOL)..anyway, they have just exploded (the noise was soooo loud..I thought it was a shot gun). Can anyone tell me where to take it to get repaired? Do I take it to a tyre shop or baby shop. I will make a few calls myself, but just thought I would ask the question..Thanks
I'd say call the manufacturer and they will be able to let you know, either from them direct or a baby store.
Yep, I agree with Happy. Call the manufacturer straight up. And don't try and take it apart yourself just in case they agree to fix it for free because then you negate your warranty. Learnt that the hard way!

Try a bike shop you might get it fix there and it should not cost much.
I'd call either the shop where you bought it or the must have really overfilled them!

Thanks ladies for your answers - unfortunately the pram warranty has ran out - rang the manufacturer with no luck..Spoke to hubby - he couldn't believe it - he asked me did I think I was filling up the 4WD car tyres!!! Abyway, I am taking it to the bike shop this afternoon - they can fix it for me then & there, and they are giving me a free hand pump!!!! Apparently, that's all you are supposed to use. LOL...
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