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I had this on my FB status today, but thought i might get a broader audience here...

I am a bridesmaid in a wedding on Saturday and its a money gift type thing, I thought it was a wishing well but after i re read the invite it says:

"a gift of money that you can afford"

Now i take this as you include the money in the card... WDYT?

And how much would you put in? Taking into consideration that i havent had to pay for my dress or shoes, but i have paid for my hair and tan to be done (the bride is my hairdresser and she does tanning too, all done at home) and that the hens night cost me $200+...
Posted by: LolliBel
"a gift of money that you can afford"

I would do exactly what this says. I would give whatever i could afford at the time. I don't know what my minimum would be though.
Our rough guide with wedding presents is between $50 - $100, depending on who it is, smile.

We went to 3 weddings in january (crazy???) the first one I only spent about $30 on as I also made the cake, the second was $50 (my cousin who I don't have a huge amount to do with) and the last was just over $100, they are our neighbours and ALWAYS look after our kids, and are fantastic.
I would say no more than $50 as you have already spent heaps on the hens night and even hair to be in the Wedding.
We were both in a Wedding last year and had to pay for everything except for makeup and jewllery which including bucks and hens shows cost us over $1000 so didnt give the bride and groom a present but they also told us not too.
We normally give $50 but if they are really close friends or family it will be a but more.

Been to a couple of wedding been a bridesmaid in one and hubby was groomsman in two diffrent ones lol

Any how 2 were family an one was a friend which is as close as family one even paid for us to go to QLD as thats where he wanted to get married

We gave them all $50 in a card as we can't afford alot and they know this

Do what is best for you and what you can afford im sure they will be gratefull either way


I think it depends how close you are. I've just had my sister and brother's weddings. Her's I was a bridesmaid and paid for my hair and make-up (Mum and Dad paid for both our dresses as they did for my wedding in 2008) and as a gift I did her invites which cost me around $150. For my brother I was just a guest and they had a wishing well so I gave $100. If it was a friend who we weren't as close with we'd probably give $50 but I wouldn't give less than that. If I got a gift that was less than that on sale or something I would spend less but if it's a gift of money probably not.
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