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is just heart breaking to watch at the moment gasp(
i watched it and i was crying!! sad i was so glad the little boy knew where to hide so the bad guy wouldnt get him


we arent to that part yet!!!


he has just discovered her body
oops sorry it has finished here!!


hehe! he just found him. i dont think i could have coped if the little boy had died too...
the little boy was just "working the job"


Yeah it was pretty sad! I shed a tear lol shhh

I knew as soon as Hodge said over the phone to work the case with him that that would of been some kind of 'code' for the boy go hide or whatever, thank goodness because I would of needed a box of tissues if the boy was killed!
man that was a great episode. i so love this show smile
Wow! That was so intense - I almost forgot to breathe!

I always assumed that Hochner would get back with his wife one day sad
I LOVE this show, but every time I watch it I have nightmares lol! DH used to work away and I'd lie awake after it, jumping at every noise....I used to make sure I'd washed my face before I watched it, as I couldn't bear to lean over the sink with soap all over my face - my worst fear is standing up after rinsing and the boogey man is standing behind me in the mirror lmao.
Ohhhh I wonder what series you guys are up to??? W ehave double episodes of reruns at the moment... the last of the new season one I saw was with the pig farmer I think, maybe not???
I was the same - I was almost forgetting to breathe. LOL.
And I swear my heart was going so fast.

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