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Mitsubishi 380 Lock Rss

Anyone drive one of these? We looked at an 07 model yesterday and have signed papers to get it next week i hope!!

Please tell me they are good LOL... Is still under new car warranty aswell so im happy about that.
I don't have one, but wanted to say YAY for a new car! How exciting!


Thanks for that, yesterday while test driving and signing papers i was madly trying to think wht you said about them in my last post about not getting a GDI one. Although for the life of me i could not remember what you said LOL!!!

So im glad you think they are good...

Although holy hell $400 bucks for break pads! Wanna hope we dont go through them to often LOL!
oh good lol! yeah it has done a few km's for an 07. 92thousand but we dont drive all that much so hopfully over a year it should come back to average. HOPE! lol.

but im in love with it! Has been RACQ inspected and eveything so i fell pretty safe with it.
I have a mitsubishi 380GT.. which i think is the model up (not sure tho).. I also upgraded to leather seats/power windows/memory seats etc... And all i can say is that I love love love love love love love my car!! It is the best car i have ever driven and has a fantastic warranty (not that we have ever needed to use it). I'm pretty sure mine is the 2007 model as well... The only down fall is that fitting 3 carseats in the back is EXTREMELY squishy.. but doable. I would highly recommend them... we had a brand new commodore before the misubishi and comparing the 2 the misubishi sh!ts over my commodore.

I dont know if this will work but this is my car

ETA- I meant to say sunroof not power windows.
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I drive a Mitsubishi 380.
It came with power windows, memory seat etc. I also love my 380. I find it such a nice car to drive and roomy for the kids.
I feel you made a good choice.
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